Can You Drive a Car after the Airbags Deploy?


Yes, you can drive a car after the airbags deploy. The airbags have no control over the engine or other parts of the car that allow a person to drive.
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If the crash was severe enough for the airbag to deploy, your vehicle is probably not drivable. Have the police call the tow-truck that is next on the rotation list to tow your car
It will look really goofy from the point of view of other drivers but looking awkward isn't illegal, you should be fine.
Air bags are a federally mandated safety device. Air bags are
You do not have to be a car connoisseur to know that cars do not age very well. In fact, the minute you can see the sign of the dealership in the rearview mirror as you're driving
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An airbag deploys after various sensors tell it to. These sensors can tell when a car has stopped suddenly and when there is increased pressure on a car, such ...
Airbags should deploy at a speed of 5 to 15 mph. Speed is also relative to when the airbags deploy from the car. ...
The cost of replacing deployed airbags depends on several factors, which include the specific model of your car and the type of airbag used. There is also the ...
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