Can You Drown Yourself?


It is possible to drown yourself even in shallow water. This is a method of suicide and it was often used in India, especially by the women. Medically speaking, drowning usually leads to asphyxia inhalation of fluid. This blocks the air-passages leading to respiratory and circulatory failure.
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I think it would be very difficult to drown yourself but I understand Virginia Woolf weighted herself down. Another way to overcome the involuntary reaction would be to swim out so
Before I get to the best "trick" you should know to save yourself from drowning in an open ocean or large lake until someone arrives to pull you to safety, here is what
1. Wear a flotation device. Hypothermia, shock, injury and exhaustion mean you cannot be guaranteed that you will swim to safety if an accident did happen. Wear a properly fitted
Stay out of the water.
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