Can You Eat a Fertilized Chicken Egg?


One can eat fertilized chicken eggs since the chicken embryo has not yet developed. The eggs should be collected daily after they are laid to prevent them from being incubated and the embryo developing. One characteristic of eggs which have just been laid is that they have a blood spot on the yolk.
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The procedure is called "Candling" based on the use of a candle in a dark room to see what is inside an egg. Now we use powerful lights in a darkened room. If you do not
The eggs you buy at the supermarket are eggs that have never been fertilized,
A fertilized chicken egg is when a roster and a chicken mate, while an unfertilized chicken egg is one that a chicken produces about once a day (the ones we eat) You can eat a fertilized
You can't.
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You can eat fertilized eggs if the chick embryo hasn't developed. Home-grown eggs are more likely to be fertilized but once in the refrigerator the chick embryo stops developing. A fertile egg needs temps of 99+ degrees and high humidity to develop.
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Usually the eggs we buy in shop are not fertilized, but we can eat fertilized chicken eggs. ...
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