Can You Eat a Fertilized Chicken Egg?


One can eat fertilized chicken eggs since the chicken embryo has not yet developed. The eggs should be collected daily after they are laid to prevent them from being incubated and the embryo developing. One characteristic of eggs which have just been laid is that they have a blood spot on the yolk.
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Most rural farms with a sign "fresh eggs" will be selling fertilized eggs. Small farms almost always keep a rooster in the flock. You can check with any local feed &
You put it in a incubator for 21 days and if it hatches a chick, the egg was fertile. If it doesn't hatch, gently throw it away without cracking the shell. If you crack the shell
If an egg has been fertilized,then the embryo inside has already divided several
There is no way to tell if an egg is fertile without breaking it open until it has been incubated for at least 72 hours. You can check eggs to see if they are fertile by breaking
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You can eat fertilized eggs if the chick embryo hasn't developed. Home-grown eggs are more likely to be fertilized but once in the refrigerator the chick embryo stops developing. A fertile egg needs temps of 99+ degrees and high humidity to develop.
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