Can you eat Indian corn?


Indian corn is usually used as an ornamental and decorative corn. You can eat Indian corn unless it has been colored or painted on. The best way to eat it is to pop it like pop corn.
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In some places, like New Mexico, blue corn meal is used for food, such as enchiladas and corn chips. It is great! There is popcorn that is blue, red and black. That is edible. Enjoy
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If you don't actually want to eat candy corn - or if your yearly supply is so big that you couldn't possibly eat all of it - turn your candy into non-edible crafts. Use a heavy sewing
I really like Aji Sai on Queen (at Spadina) It's more than sushi with a full grill on the 'all you can eat menu. Very busy so plan on a 15 minute wait - but very good. I can't remember
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