Can you eat kohlrabi leaves?


Both kohlrabi leaves and bulbs are edible. Kohlrabi leaves make a great alternative to spinach or kale.

Many people throw out the greens when they buy kohlrabi (a member of the cabbage family). This is a shame because they are delicious. When they are sautéed, they taste similar to cooked spinach or kale, although they have a more delicate flavor. They also taste good raw in salads and other fresh dishes. These greens are high in vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin B.

Other edible, tasty greens include turnips, carrots, beets, cauliflower and radish greens. Gardeners can also eat the tender young leaves and stems of bean and pea plants. Using these parts of the vegetable not only expands the palate but also saves money and reduces waste.

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