Can You Eat Peacock?


Peacock is an edible game species. They are not domesticated and the fact that they are edible shocks many people mostly because of their remarkable beauty. Peacock meat is rich and some say it tastes like a cross between duck and chicken.
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Peacocks enjoy grains and fruits when it's time for meal. They will also search for bugs to eat! This is why they are often found chewing up plants! Look here for more information
Peacocks have an omnivorous diet and are not the preferred prey of predators. Predators in the jungles of South Asia where peacocks abound kill and eat peacocks for want of other
Look the answers people are giving to real questions of interest: most answers are not fitting. It's becoming clear in my life's experience that Americans are some of the most-childish
Peacock foods include grains, insects, small reptiles, small mammals, berries, drupes, wild figs & some
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Generally, peacocks can eat almost anything. Wild peacocks can eat grains, plants, fruit, insects, worms and frogs. They are members of the pheasant family; whereby ...
Peacocks will eat a variety of foods, as they are omnivorous birds. Their diets include, but are not limited to, the following: grains, berries, small insects, ...
Peacock bass eat fish mostly but can consume on any prey it can get. They also like eating California blackworms. Peacock bass also eat any spawn that occur among ...
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