Can you eat slugs?


Slugs are edible but you have to cook them carefully or they can kill you. People do consume slugs raw on a challenge and the Indians used live ones to numb gums, toothache and tongues. These creatures are not bad unto themselves, but some land crawlers mainly in warmer regins have parasites.
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According to the Royal Horticultural Society, certain bird species eat slugs as well as slug eggs, so it is important for gardeners to encourage birds in their ...
Slugs are damaging pests in the garden. They are usually eaten by animals such as ducks, chickens, snakes and toads. You may use toads and non-poisonous snakes ...
Ripe strawberries are a favorite meal for slugs. In addition to the strawberries, they like many kinds of plants, including corn, lettuce, beans, and flowers ...
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