Can You Eat Starfish?


You can eat starfish though you should only do so if the star fish has been prepared by someone who has experience preparing them. This is because most starfish species are poisonous and a novice cannot tell them apart.
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Starfish do eat! They distend their stomachs over their prey, digest them externally then suck it all up. ANSWER Starfish cannot eat harder tissue. They tend to prefer soft tissue't_starfish_eat
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Yes you can eat starfish. They are considered to be a delicacy in Japan. All you have to do is boil them. Starfish are members of the Class Asteroidea family.
Starfish are edible but they taste terrible and are very rubbery. Though one particular kind, the Northern Pacific Sea Star is considered to be a delicacy.
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There are a variety of animals that eat starfish. Crabs, seagulls, certain snails, jelly fish, and even other starfish are all animals that enjoy eating starfish ...
Starfish eat things like clams, oysters, and even fish. They are carnivores and do not let their body structure get in the way of having a full meal. They latch ...
Starfish are meat-eaters (carnivores). They will eat oysters, fish, coral and clams. Starfish have even been known to eat other starfish. Talk about gross! ...
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