Can you eat tomato leaves?


Yes, you can eat tomato leaves. However, they do not taste very good. It's probably a better idea to eat the tomato's instead and make a great dish like marinara sauce or a delicious tomato salad.
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Tomatoes are a member of the tobacco family and they are poisonous if eaten - so don't eat them - just eat the tomatoes.
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There are numerous insect and animals that may be eating your tomatoes. Some of these insects and animals include aphids, tomato horn worms, cutworms, slugs, leaf ...
Yes, the leaves and stems of tomatoes are toxic to humans. These parts of the tomato plant contains a chemical known as Glycoalkaloid. It causes extreme nervousness ...
Tomato 'leaf-curl' develops during periods of cool and rainy weather. They may also curl because of 'tomato leaf curl virus'. ...
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