Can You Eat Too Much Garlic?


Garlic has some blood-thinning properties and eating too much of it can enhance your risk for bleeding during or after a surgery. It can also interrelate with blood-thinning medicines. Side effects from eating too much garlic include: bloating, bad breath, upset stomach, body odour and a stinging feeling on the skin from excessively handling fresh or dried garlic.
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An upset stomach and bad breath.
Eat less garlic. Embed Quote
1. Select a fresh garlic bulb from your local grocer. Choose firm, plump bulbs with intact papery skins. 2. Remove a clove of garlic from the garlic bulb. Store the remaining cloves
1. Mash up a clove of minced garlic. Ad. 2. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of pastured butter to the mix. 3. Spread this onto your bread. 1. Mix up a clove of minced garlic except this time
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