Can You Eat Yogurt past the Expiration Date?


Yes, you can eat yogurt if it is past the expiration date. However, you won't want to eat it if it is discolored or has a sour smell.
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Yogurt can often be eaten after the date on the packaging. According to Washington State University, yogurt usually has a "Sell by" or "Best if Used By" date.
supposedly one week. The expiration date is supposed to be the last day you can purchase it. not when it is no longer good.
While the National Dairy Council recommends a one-week refrigerated shelf life for yogurt, both Dannon and Stonyfield Farm imply a much longer life. Both clearly state the stamped
Not Medical Advice: Yogurt is generally good past its expiration date, given that it has been refrigerated. If it tasted spoiled, do not eat it. report this answer. Updated on Thursday
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