Can you eat raw zucchini?


Yes, raw zucchini is edible once the stem is trimmed. Many people use it in salads, dips, appetizers, vegetable platters and as a healthy snack.

As an excellent source of vitamins A and C, raw zucchini is a popular choice among dieters and those careful about healthy nutrition. It is fairly low-calorie and is often paired with dip or salad dressing. There is no need to peel or seed it, as raw zucchini can be chopped up and eaten. Although zucchini is not available via grocery stores year-round, it can be substituted by other types of raw summer squash in recipes.

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1. Pick the zucchini. Young, tender zucchini are ideal for freezing. 2. Wash the zucchini. Make sure the vegetable is free of pesticides, fertilizers and parasites. 3. Cut the zucchini
1. Make the zucchini spirals. You will need a spiral slicer to produce the length and single size needed. Ad. 2. Peel the large zucchini. Then, cut off the ends and spin them individually
most rats and mice will eat vegetables. i have read of a few dogs that like Zucchini as well as the odd bird. Although i am not sure if Zucchini is good for birds or not.
A raw foods diet includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods, like plants, and living foods like sprouted beans and grains. Fruits, vegetables and raw nuts round out the list along
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