Can You Engrave Titanium Rings?


Titanium rings can be engraved. A jeweler or jewelry store will be able to engrave them. Engraving can be done by hand or with a machine. Hand engraving can be done with a handheld device that is similar to a chisel in design. It is air powered and allows for precision engraving. A machine uses a type of laser to perform engraving. The laser is set just high enough a power to make small incision in the metal.
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1. Place the ring on the preset rotary axis of the engraving machine. 2. Make sure that the design to be engraved is in the required software format for the engraving machine. Limit
generaly you can get them engraved the same place you got it
Many jewelry stores will engrave a ring even if you didn't buy it there. Even some mall kiosks can do this. The best way to find out is just ask the stores if they engrave rings and
Contact Greg Derr. I'm not sure whether or not he engraves, but if he doesn't, he can probably refer you to someone who does. Greg Derr - Precision Pistolsmith.
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Sure, you can have a titanium ring engraved. Many people are choosing titanium for wedding bands and they have them engraved all the time. My brother is an electrician so he chose titanium for his wedding band and he has an engraving in it.
You can engrave titanium rings with a standard engraver. Since it is such a hard alloy it will wear the engraving tips out faster and will not be as deep of an etching but it will last longer.
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