Can you erase music from a CD-R?


According to HowStuffWorks, a CD-R, or Compact Disc-Recordable, cannot be erased once data is burned on it. The heat used to write data to the disc changes the chemical dyes inside the CD. Because of the chemicals used, this process is permanent and is not reversible.

To have a CD that can be erased and reused, one must start with a CD-RW (Compact Disc-ReWritable). Not all CD burners are capable of writing these rewritable discs, so it is important to confirm that fact before attempting to burn a CD-RW. One should also be aware that CD-RWs may not be compatible with all CD and DVD players.

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1. Insert the disk into the computer. If it begins to play hit the "Stop" button on your music player and close the music player program. 2. Click the "Start"
CD-R - Stands for CD Rom - Read Only Memory. The data can only be read and cannot be rewritten or edited. U can do the same on CD-RW, which is read writable.
A CD-R disc can not be erased.
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