How to Fall Asleep with Your Eyes Open?


It is possible for some people to sleep with their eyes open, but mostly people can only do it with their eyes half open. It is also important to know that it isn't really sleep, more like half sleep or half deep meditation. To do it, you need to be very focused on an object. The key is not thinking, and to let your consciousness flow naturally. Stay in one position, and don't move, fidget. Lastly, it takes a large amount of practice to do this if your body doesn't naturally do it. It is also important to know that sleeping with your eyes open can cause serious damage to your eyes.
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Yes. Acually, your eyes move twice as much at night then you move your eyes in the day.
Sleeping with the eyes open, also known as
Although it is surprising, not all babies know how to put themselves to sleep. When it is time for bed, many parents want to rock or breastfeed a baby to help him/her fall asleep.
If you keep your eyes open you'll get use it and pretty soon it wont hurt and I don't think its bad for your eyes cuz I've done 1million times and nothing really happened BUT if you
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