Can you feel a baby move in the first trimester?


A woman is not able to feel her baby move while in the first trimester according to the Office on Women's Health. Although this is a time of extreme growth for the fetus, the baby is too small for the mother to feel any movement yet.

According to What to Expect, if the mother is very thin or has already had a child, she may notice movement as soon as the fourth month of pregnancy. The first sensation of movement is called fluttering, and most expectant mothers can notice this by the fifth month. If the mother has not felt any movements by the fifth month, an ultrasound may be ordered to check on the fetus.

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You won't feel your baby kick until sometime between 16 and 22 week...
Not medical advice: If you're expecting your first, you likely will feel your baby move at 18-24 weeks
Nope you can be feeling it by now. It's different for everyone so no one can tell you for sure. When I was 16 weeks, I was watching TV in bed with my husband and felt like nerves
You should feel it soon. People say butterflys but i cant say that comes close to explaining it. Mine starts as a slight uneasyness in the lower stomach area. Kinda like when you
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