Can You Feel Your Cervix Dilate?


It is possible to feel your cervix dilating and you do not need a medical degree to achieve this. The ideal way to attain this when pregnant is to sit down on a toilet with one foot on the floor and the other up on the seat of a toilet. Put your two fingers in then go back towards your bum. The cervix in a pregnant woman usually feels like lips puckered up into a kiss.
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There are so many different ways to make your cervix dilate, while some of them are myths, one of my favorites is to have lots of sex, If your doing it right then it will work. To
1. Know the symptoms. If you are pregnant, you might experience bloody show or a mucous plug as the cervix dilates. This means that you have light vaginal spotting and pass a bit
1 Understand when the cervix would need to be dilated. Since the dilation of the cervix happens when labor moves from "early" to "active," intervening in the process
As dilation progresses the cervix opening becomes like a taught elastic band
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A dilated cervix feels like the lips of the mouth when they have been puckered up for a kiss. Usually, the cervix feels like a taught elastic band and two fingers ...
Cervical dilation is the one of the ways used to determine if labour is imminent. By feeling the cervix with your finger you can determine if you have any dilation ...
Well you cannot tell if your cervix is dilated yourself! That is the art of those false alarms into labor and delivery. It takes a physician to check you cervix ...
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