Can You Feel Your Uterus at 6 Weeks?


Many pregnant women can feel their uterus at six weeks, but if you don't, it's nothing to worry about At six weeks, you're probably starting to notice your clothes feeling tighter in the waistband, but if you aren't, that's simply another sign that each pregnancy is different in its details.
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About the size of a navel orange.
You may not be too far along at 6 weeks pregnant, but some
I felt a little bloated. thats about it. best of luck. Source(s) mommy of 2 and ttc #3.
I have had 4 kids and in my early weeks of pregnancy i KNEW something was going on inside as i had the sensation of i can only describe it as like butterflies,although it would be
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Your stomach is supposed to feel tight your first six weeks of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that your muscles are stretching and making room for the baby ...
Some people say they can feel the fetus moving at 11 weeks. It all depends on the person and their sensitivity. The fetus is only the size of a fig at that time. ...
You can feel your uterus in early pregnancy just about your pelvic bone. If you push around, you should be able to notice a hard spot. Usually you can start to ...
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