Can You Fly with Chicken Pox?


One cannot fly with chicken pox. Most airlines follow the policy that one is allowed to fly upon elapse of six days after the last spot disappeared. Airlines are concerned about the safety of other passengers with lowered immune systems.
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You can not fly when you have chicken pox infection. According to passenger safety regulations, you have to wait for six days after the last spot has appeared. The infected persons with chicken pox need not to be in contact with pregnant women, newborn babies and persons with weak immune system.
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Fever, rash, and red bumps are some of the symptoms of the chicken pox. If you are unsure of what is causing these symptoms you should visit your health care provider.
You are considered non-contagious 7 days after the last new pock mark appeared. Most airlines will require a letter from your physician to prove this. If however, you are one of the
Chicken pox is a viral infection accompanied by a rash that appears as small red spots or pimples. Prior to the itchy rash, fever or body aches usually occur.
Symptoms Symptoms of chicken pox, also called varicella zoster virus, include an itchy rash that usually starts on the torso, back or abdomen and spreads everywhere else. Chicken
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If you have chicken pox, you may not be allowed to fly until six days after the last spot has appeared. It is safe to travel after you are past the infectious ...
It is strongly recommended that people not fly when unburst chickenpox blisters are still evident on the skin, because the changes in air pressure affect the blisters ...
No, children in the United Kingdom cannot fly if found to have chickenpox. This is because chickenpox is considered highly contagious and is spread through contact ...
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