Can You Fly with Vertigo?


You can fly if you have vertigo but it is normally advised that you do not. This is because flying with the condition increases dizziness. If you must travel, ensure that you have a barf bag at hand.
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Vertigo occurs when the pressure in your ears build, such as on take off and
With the symptoms you describe, three things come to mind. (1) You may need your eyes tested. Do you wear glasses? If so, have you had the lenses changed recently? You may be due
During scuba diving and flying it is possible your entire body will be exposed to larger-than-normal pressure fluctuations. There is no reason why these changes should affect the
When flying, vertigo can happen due to the pressure on
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Yes, it is okay to fly with Vertigo but make sure you have something available just in case an attack comes on. Most people have found once they get into the ...
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