Can You Freeze Carrots?


Carrots can be frozen if they are fresh, tender, coreless and of medium length. Do not freeze carrots which are old, overripe, limp and dried out. Carrots are the best vegetable sources of vitamin A which is very vital for everyone's eyesight.
Q&A Related to "Can You Freeze Carrots?"
You can freeze shredded carrots. I put them in a. freezer. Zip-Lock type bag and press to spread them out evenly within the bag. As I seal the bag, I try to press out as much air
All vegetables grow with specific maturity dates, which measure the length of time from seeding to mature fruit or vegetable production. Carrot maturity dates range from 50 to 75
I drank a daily shot of wheatgrass for about 6 weeks before anyone told me the tip of my nose and my hands looked orange, but I only drank 8 oz. (5-6 medium carrots) of carrot juice
Yes, cut them up and blanche in boiling water for a couple of minutes,no more. Either freeze them on a baking tray and then put them into a bag and seal or pack into a plastic bag
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