Can you freeze chocolate?


Freezing chocolate, while possible, doesn't actually preserve the life of the candy. If you want to store chocolate for a short time, place it somewhere cool and dry.

Keeping chocolate in an environment that is too warm allows the candy to melt and become mushy. In the summer, store chocolate in a dry place where the heat can't get in.

If you wish to freeze chocolate, do so carefully. Do not remove any plastic that the candy came with. When it comes to thawing, keep the temperature at a moderate level, as extreme temperature differences compromise the quality and can turn the candy gray. For best thawing, move the chocolate from the freezer to the fridge to keep it cool.

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Chocolate doesn't truly have a freezing point because levels of ingredients
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Can You Freeze Chocolate?
Chocolate is the stuff of movies, music, dreams and many a midnight snack. For the cook, however, chocolate can be a conundrum, a difficult product to keep well and use properly. The first thing a good cook must learn is how to store their pantry items... More »
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