Can you freeze whole garlic cloves?


Whole garlic bulbs and cloves can be frozen, but it changes the flavor and texture of the garlic. Frozen garlic lasts up to a year.

Frozen garlic cloves and bulbs may become mushy and lose some of the strong garlic flavor. Peel the cloves before freezing to freeze them individually, or leave them unpeeled to freeze the entire bulb. Dry-pack cloves of garlic in suitable containers or pre-freeze them by arranging a single layer of cloves on a cookie sheet, without any of the cloves touching, and placing the cookie sheet in the freezer. Once frozen, the cloves can go into a single container. This method allows the cloves to break apart easily as needed. You do not have to thaw garlic before adding it to food.

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I would highly advise NOT doing that. Freezing is process where moisture is removed and crystallized - since it's a root - you'll just end up destroying it. It will be less potent
swallowing the whole clove makes it harder to digest thus making you less able to absorb all of the nutrients. Crushing it will help you digest it better. Just for a good tip, after
Be sure to crush it up so the juices will turn to enzymes, then eat it. Waiting 5 minutes isnt neccsary because it takes time to move through the intestine anyway. And yes it does
Buy 3-4 bulbs of garlic, peel it, chopped it , put in a jar , then fill jar with olive oil just enough to cover garlic, cover tightly , place in frig....will keep for ever........
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