Can You Freeze Kale?


You can freeze kale granted that you freeze it in vacuum food sealer bags or air tight polythene bags. This is essential as it protects the Kale against freezer burn. The Kale should also be hulled before it is frozen.
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Kale, a cousin of collard greens, is a dark leafy green. It’s hardier than many other greens, allowing it to thrive in colder climates. Its ability to grow in cold temperatures
Steam and run under cold water, ice cubes. : Now freeze in containers or tight little bags. I like to make kale w a bit of bacon and onions w garlic. However, it freezes well, just
We grow Swiss chard by the ton. There is no way we could eat it all. It's similar to spinach, so I imagine the prep is the same. We wash the chard well and then prepare it...get rid
Here is another thing I make in bulk and freeze so I can have something very nearly ready to go at dinnertime. By the end of the day I have no imagination left for dinner so often
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