Can You Freeze Milk Based Soups?


Although there are a few tricks to it, you can freeze milk based soups. When thawed the water and cream separate but can be whisked with fresh cream and the soup will taste as delicious as it did originally.
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1. Cool the rice pudding thoroughly before putting it in the freezer. This will prevent freezer burn from occurring. 2. Pour the rice pudding into freezer containers. Leave some space
Freezing stops all bacterial decomp...the milk-based (or any other kind) soup is good indefinitely as long as it was sealed and frozen properly and doesn't taste of freezer burn..
Don't make any more than you will need for immediate use. Also, keep it refrigerated.
A chowder is a soup that is made with a milk or cream base. Seafood...
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You can indeed freeze cream-based soup. After cooking the soup, make sure it cools down for 20 minutes. Then store the soup in an airtight container before placing ...
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