Can You Get Arrested for Writing a Bad Check?


As a criminal justice professional I would like to tell you emphatically that yes you can get arrested for writing a bad check. This is completely illegal and can lead to very serious charges. Writing a check that you know you do not have funds for or that will attempt to draw funds from an account that does not exist as well as altering any information on the check is considered forgery. The crime that this would be considered is uttering a check. If you then use that check with the intent to get money from it then you would be guilty of publishing that bad check. These are two separate crimes and could each bring about jail time and fines.
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1. Use a standard business letter format for your bad check notice. This format includes your name or business name, address and phone number or email address if you wish to include
Specific bad check laws vary by state. In almost all it is a crime, and depending on the amount (and circumstances) and place, even a felony. It can also be pursued as fraud or theft
What are the consequences of writing bad checks? It's easier for a lot of people to write bad checks as job losses mount and the economy falters. You may have never written a bad
If you intentionally write a bad check, the penalty could be jail
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The Arkansas hot check law states that writing a bad or 'hot'' check can be a misdemeanor or felony. The law provides writers of such checks an opportunity to ...
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