Can You Get Car Insurance without Owning a Car?


You can get car insurance without owing a car as long as you plan on driving. When you borrow someone else's vehicle, the owners insurance will cover you. However, it may be inadequate if you are at fault in an accident.
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1. Try a ZipCar. Many large cities have companies like ZipCar where you can rent a vehicle for short periods of time. You pay based on the number of hours you use the car. ZipCar
Really the only way I see it is to get someone to insure the car in their name. Put you on the paper work as the owner but, you will be excluded from being a driver because, you have
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1. Be safe first. Be sure the engine is cool to touch. Many engine compartments are very crowded and it may be difficult to see the parts, screws and nuts, and accessing, reaching
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Can You Get Car Insurance Without Owning a Car?
If you've relinquished ownership of a vehicle, you probably think that carrying car insurance is a needless expense. However, there may be situations when continuing to carry insurance can make sense, especially if you continue to drive. Fortunately,... More »
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