Can You Get Chickenpox Twice?


One cannot have chickenpox twice in their lifetime. This is because, an initial chicken pox attack develops the body's immunity against the disease; a second attack becomes so mild that it is considered of negligible medical consequence. It is also important to note that other diseases also have chicken pox symptoms and a misdiagnosis is possible in that regard.
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Chicken pox can only be gotten once. A person can rarely get it twice if the person had chicken pox at a very early age.
There is some proof to put forward that it can be possible to catch chickenpox more than once although it is widely believed that you cannot catch chickenpox twice. For the majority, one infection is believed to develop enduring immunity.
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After getting it once your body forms antibodies that keep away the virus.'t_you_get_chicke...
Ι think it's better seeing a doctor in person to answer this kind of questions.
By vhart on 06/03/01. 1 star(s) Isn't this a great category? Sorry, just had to get that out of my system before I begin. I feel very able to discuss 'My experience of chickenpox
By vhart on 06/03/01. 1 star(s) Chickenpox can strike twice!
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It is possible to get chickenpox twice though such cases are rare. Getting chickenpox twice is more common in individuals who are immunocompromised thus their ...
Chickenpox is a very contagious sickness brought about by a varicella zoster virus (VZV) infection. It is highly unlikely for you to get chickenpox twice because ...
It is possible to catch chickenpox twice, although this is rare. Getting chickenpox twice is normally common in people who are immune-compromised. For most people ...
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