Can You Get Electrocuted in the Bathtub?


According to episode 30 of the popular TV show Mythbusters, you can get electrocuted in the bathtub or shower during a lightning strike. However, it is highly unlikely that something like that would happen. In order for this to happen, the lightening would have to strike the plumbing pipes.
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Electrocution can lead to heart failure, brain damage, and
Because water in a bathtub is not pure water ~ it has floating ions in it that allow electricity to travel.
Eric, Sorry for the delay, we've been a bit busy here at NASA the past few weeks. First of all, I'd like to state that under normal circumstances with a standard outlet, it would
bathtub electrocution An electrocution that occurs when a live and/or ungrounded electrical appliance falls in an occupied water-filled bathtub.
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