Can You Get Fired for Being Sick?


You can get fired for being sick, but it is against the law. The Family and Medical Leave Act was created for this very reason. The FMLA makes it possible for an employee to take up to 12 weeks off within a year.
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It's never good to pretend to be something as undesirable as sick! However, If you're trying to figure out if your child is pretending you might want to stay in the room while taking
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1 Take care of yourself . Drink fluids, lie down, take medicines, and wash your hands. If you don't, you'll just be sick longer. 2 Don't read too much if you have a headache . It
the signs of being sick are having a headake or feeling queezy.
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Forget about legal consequence, it is not ethically or morally right at all, how can an employer so tough? what the function HR plays in that org? can't imagine. ...
You cannot be fired for calling in sick under ordinary circumstances. However, if your work attendance shows a pattern of absenteeism, and the quality of your ...
An employee can actually be fired for calling in sick if it is done multiple times. it is recommended that people try to keep themselves healthy. You can also ...
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