Can You Get Herpes on Your Back?


Herpes is general term for a viral disease caused by Herpes simplex virus. Herpes usually manifests itself in moist skin areas of the genitals or mouth hence it is very unlikely to have it on the hard back skin. However, herpes zoster infection can manifest itself on the lower back.
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It really depends on the person that contracts it. If they have a lowered or compromised immune system then herpes break outs may reocure more frequently. If the person that has herpes
A herpes test can take up to 10 days for results. Relax and
Unless you're infected w/ the actual virus, your test should come back negative. Everyone gets a cold sore here & there, but that doesn't mean you have herpes type 1.
Not Medical Advice: Herpes of the throat usually appears in the form of painful, fluid-filled blisters that rupture into sores. It can be white & puffy.
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There are many different conditions that can cause bumps on the back of the throat. A few are herpes, strep throat and post nasal drip. It is best to contact a ...
Yes, it is possible to have Herpes and not give it to your partner. It is recommended that partners use condoms to avoid transmission. Many couples in long-term ...
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