Can You Get High off of Helium?


It is possible to get high off of helium. In order to get high off of helium, it would take a very large amount to do so. Inhaling helium can cause rapid breathing.
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Helium balloons are regularly used to loft camera payloads into the 100,000 - 130,000ft range (30,500 - 39,600m). These balloons continue rising until they expand so much that they
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Helium is used to detect leaks in high-vacuum and high pressure equipments and is used as a carrier gas in gas chromatography. It is also used in cooling super ...
How high a helium balloon will go varies depending on the temperature of the air and the weather conditions surrounding the balloon. In most experiments, a partially ...
Helium affects humans by causing the vocal cords to vibrate extremely quickly, because the Helium gas is thinner than regular air. This is what causes the high ...
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