Can You Get into a Community College with a Penn Foster High School Diploma?


There really aren't any requirements to get into a community college. You can apply and get in as long as you have a high school diploma. Community Colleges usually have the highest enrollment and classes fill up a lot faster than 4 year universities.
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Check with all colleges you plan to apply at and find out what courses are required while attending Penn Foster High School. Some colleges also want to see participation in extracurricular
Colleges require a high school diploma from an
You will have to contact your local public high school I am sure you can re-enroll. You will probably have to go back to 10th grade. Penn Foster is more or less a diploma mill. I
PennFord High School is accredited through NABAE, so most colleges and universities should accept a high school diploma from them. However, if you aren't sure, I would suggest looking
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Community colleges do make exceptions for those who wish to enroll without a diploma, but a better way to go is to take advantage of the GED program that all community ...
A high school diploma is very beneficial. With a high school diploma you can go to college or a university. With a GED you can only get into a community college, ...
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