Can You Get Pregnant 3 Days after Your Period?


It is possible for you to get pregnant three days after your period, but this is highly unlikely. This is because you ovulate in the middle of your menstrual cycle. This means that if your cycle is 24 days, they you are likely to ovulate on the 12th day. However, if your menstrual cycle is short and the periods last for some days, then there is possibility that you will get pregnant after intercourse three days after your periods.
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Many women find it difficult to know when to try to get pregnant. Timing everything perfectly can be frustrating and discouraging. It is even more discouraging to have a period when
I don't know what you want to hear, but you can get pregnant anytime. I got pregnant with my now 3 year old daughter while i was on my period. Sorry if that's not what you wanted
Usually most women ovulate anywhere between Day 11 - Day 21
It really depends on when you ovulate. Sperm can survive for a few days inside you so if you ovulate close to when you end your period (or if you have a very short cycle) you do have
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Can I Get Pregnant 3 Days After My Period?
The length of a menstrual period can vary significantly from woman to woman. In general, your most fertile time is about 14 days before the estimated start of your next period.... More »
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You can get pregnant 7 days after your period. In fact you can also get pregnant just before your period, during your period, and right after your period. However ...
One can get pregnant a day after her period depending on her ovulation cycle. In the normal cases, ovulation in women takes place between the ten and fifteen days ...
You can get pregnant a day after you have ended your period because there is 'safe' time of the month when sexual intercourse can occur without contraception without ...
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