Can You Get Pregnant after a Hysterectomy?


You can still get pregnant after undergoing a hysterectomy on condition that the ovaries were left in place. The eggs are normally pulled out of the ovaries and fertilized with your partner's sperm.
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Unless you get a womb transplant and so far as I know that has not been done yet. However acording to an article I just looked up it may be possible early next year. (See the related
1. Consider using in-vitro fertilization (IVF) The doctor will do basic screening tests on the ovaries first to determine whether the woman will respond well to the injections to
You can get pregnant as soon as you give birth, but doctors usually recommend 4-6 week til having sex after giving birth First answer by 16bricee. Last edit by 16bricee. Contributor
as soon as your cycle regulates again ^not ture This is not true. I was on the shot for 5 years. I took my last shot in August of 2009. I was supposed to get another on November but
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