Can You Get Pregnant from Sperm on a Toilet Seat?


It is not possible to get pregnant from a toilet seat. According to scientific research, a sperm can't survive very long outside the body. Live sperms need to make their way into the vagina for fertilisation to take place.
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It would depend on a few factors including the amount of sperm on the toilet, the ambient temprature and humitidy, but in general if a guy were to ejaculate on a toilet seat, they
It is not really possible to be impregnated by sitting on a
None. Sperm dies rather quickly after being exposed to air, and even if it were still viable, it would still have to get inside her vagina (you do know that your vagina is only the
Back in the day, it was often the case that people would blame the toiletseat for young women getting pregnant. Obviously this was a time of less information and communication and
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