Can You Get Pregnant off of Precum?


While it is highly unlikely, it is possible to get pregnant off of precum. This is because when a guy is aroused, he releases a clear alkaline liquid, which is designed to lubricate the urethra, thus preparing it for the safe passage of sperm. In the course of this ejaculation occurs releasing the sperms.
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Yes, a woman can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate.
Pre-ejaculation fluids carry both sperm and disease. Ejaculation does not have to occur for a pregnancy to result.
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There is no study or stored results of how a teenager conceives.
Pre-ejactulatory has NO SEMEN.!If there is semen in the urethra then the
There is more sperm in precum than in actual *
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According to reproductive experts, it is not possible to get pregnant from pre-cum. This is because when a man is aroused, his system produces a clear alkaline ...
It is possible for you to get pregnant from the pre-ejaculatory fluid but this is highly unlikely as the pre-ejaculatory liquid is believed not to contain sperm ...
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