Can You Get Pregnant through Clothes?


If the clothing was totally soaked with semen and was in direct contact with your vagina, there is a very slight possibility the sperm could penetrate the vagina though this is highly unlikely. However, no decisive studies have been found to provide an exact answer on this possibility.
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1. Examine all clothing carefully. A pregnant woman's shape may change from week to week and even day to day. Clothing should be well made. No loose threads should appear that may
That would be impossible. As soon as Sperm is exposed to air, it dies. Same goes for having sex in a pool. The sperm will hit the water then die. The chances are 1 in a billion.
1 Find ONE piece that really says what you want it to. Dark jeans for example, can be very versatile, so they may or may not be the best choice, we'll get to that later, anyways so
It's only barely possible, because sperm would have to swim a long way to get to the vaginal entrance.
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