Can You Get Pregnant Two Days after Your Period?


It's possible to get pregnant two days after your periods but not very likely. If your period lasts eight days, when you finish menstruating you're only five days away from ovulating and a sperm can live for days and fertilise the egg.
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1. Make sure you are ready to have children. Although having your period generally indicates that you haven't become pregnant, you can become pregnant at any time. This means that
The chances are pretty high, in fact and the shorter your average cycle the higher the probability of conception. As an example, for a 27 days cycle (and 5 days duration) the probability
You can get pregnant at any time, you can even get pregnant while you are having your period so it is important to be aware of this. The best time to get pregnant is twelve to fourteen
The chances of getting pregnant two days after
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One can get pregnant two days after her period depending on her ovulation cycle. In the normal cases, ovulation in women takes place between the ten and fifteen ...
To my knowledge a girl can get pregnant if she has intercourse two days after her period. Every woman's cycle is different so it just depends on when she is ovulating ...
No, it does not mean you are pregnant if your period is two days late. There are quite a few reasons for a missed or late period. Some of those reasons include ...
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