Can You Get Pregnant While Using a Condom?


It is impossible to get pregnant while using a condom. This is because studies show that condoms are 97% effective at preventing pregnancy when they are used properly. However, several things that can make condoms less effective are when they break or split.
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There are good chances of falling pregnant while using a condom as the conden may burst. Its better to go for a urine pregnancy test on the 4th week after having sex. or look for
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1. Decide whether you want to use Biofreeze when pregnant. The Biofreeze label states that you should ask your physician before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 2. Apply
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Can You Get Pregnant While Using a Condom?
Condoms are effective, but they are not 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, so people can still get pregnant when using condoms. Find out how condoms should be used to prevent STDs with help from a labor and delivery nurse in this free video... More »
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