Can You Get Sick from Spoiled Milk?


It depends on how much you drink. If you just have a taste, that would be fine. If you drink too much, that would cause serioous problems such as gastroenteritis.
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Drinking Milk After the Expiration Date
Chances are most of us can confess to pulling a carton of milk out of the fridge, frowning when noticing the expiration date has passed and then unscrewing the lid to subject it to the "smell" test. When milk is pasteurized, most of the truly harmful bacteria... More »
Spoiled milk will not make you sick just by drinking it. It may make you sick if you drink it and the taste disgusts you, but spoiled milk is used in some recipes and it's not harmful.
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Milk spoils because of the fluctuation in temperatures from chilled to warm within a matter of hours or days. During the temperature change bacteria forms which causes the milk to
If spoiled, goat's milk will have a bitter taste. Also, the smell of spoilage is unmistakable, possessing a similar rancid scent to spoiled cow's milk. The fat globules in goat's
If ingested, spoiled milk will affect a person as any
Milk that has not been pasteurized spoils fastest, with milk with the highest fat content spoling faster than "skim milk".
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If you happened to drink spoiled milk you could get very sick. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. ...
No, spoiled milk should not be consumed. If it is spoiled, then it can have numerous strains of bacteria in it, and can make you very sick if you consume it. ...
Most people will tell you that drinking spoiled milk will make you sick and you should panic. But the truth of the matter is, unless it's turning funny colors ...
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