Can You Get Strep Throat without Having Tonsils?


You cannot get a strep throat without having tonsils. This condition is characterised by throat pain, difficulty in swallowing and swollen tonsils. It is recommended tat you visit a doctor the moment you experience these symptoms.
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You have about a 1 in 89 chance of getting strep throat if
White spot or yellow spots on tonsils or rounds and bumpy.
The only sure way to know for sure that you have strep throat is to go to a doctor. They have a strep test that they can give.
1. Examine the back of your throat. One home strep throat test you can conduct by yourself is to check the back of your throat. If the tonsil area is very red, or if you have white
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It is quite possible to get Strep throat after having your tonsils removed. This means that having one's tonsils removed does not stop a person from being susceptible ...
It is very possible to have Strep throat if your tonsils are removed. The surgery to remove the tonsils does work to maintain that a person will no longer have ...
The difference between strep throat and tonsillitis is the location of the infection. Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils and strep throat is an infection ...
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