Can You Give a Dog Tums for an Upset Stomach?


Dogs can have Tums for an upset stomach, although in small doses and not frequently. The liquid form of Tums is preferred as it poses less of a choking hazard.
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Go to the pet store and get a product made for a dog with an upset stomach.
1. Do not feed your dog while it is experiencing stomach problems, as you could cause its condition to worsen. Refrain from feeding your dog for a day or more, depending on how long
Ease up on the amount of food or try putting them on a 24-hour fast
Well you need to find out what is causing him to be sick and the only way to do that is to take him to the vet. You said it all when you said it's the I'm really sick HELP ME. So
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It is very unwise to a give an animal any medication meant for humans. Though sometimes veterinarians will prescribe unflavored tums for dogs, it is important to check with a veterinarian before going ahead as dogs have different reasons than humans for having upset stomachs and therefore need different treatment. Under no circumstances should flavored tums be given to an animal and the dyes and chemicals can be very harmful.
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It is safe for dogs to eat Tums, but they should not eat them on a regular basis. Tums are typically given to dogs by veterinarians to treat upset stomachs. ...
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Tums are used for antacid purposes. They are highly successful in the treatment of indigestion, upset stomach, and heartburn. They work by lowering the amount ...
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