Can You Give a Dog Tums for an Upset Stomach?


Dogs can have Tums for an upset stomach, although in small doses and not frequently. The liquid form of Tums is preferred as it poses less of a choking hazard.
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For the most part, you shouldn't give him anything. Let your dog work through it and keep an eye on him for any signs of trouble (vomiting yellow foam, no bowel movements, bloating
If your pet is vomiting then they need a break from the food intake try
my dog has a really sensitive stomach, theres some specialist food you can buy for sensitive stomachs. Also, try feeding her scrambled egg or chicken, seeing as its so bland it tends
suggest boiled rice, some fish or chicken, but it might be best if you let her go without food today and start her off gently with food as suggested depending on how she is in the
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It is very unwise to a give an animal any medication meant for humans. Though sometimes veterinarians will prescribe unflavored tums for dogs, it is important to check with a veterinarian before going ahead as dogs have different reasons than humans for having upset stomachs and therefore need different treatment. Under no circumstances should flavored tums be given to an animal and the dyes and chemicals can be very harmful.
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Yes, Pepto-Bismol is suitable for a dog's upset stomach. The dosage of regular strength liquid is 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of body weight. So if your dog weighs ...
Dogs who have an upset stomach may be vomiting, nauseated, or have diarrhea. Some good home remedies for dogs with upset stomachs involve altering the dog's diet ...
Most antacid tablets like Tums, are made from simethicone. This chemical coats the stomach once ingested and cuts down on the acid eating away at the lining of ...
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