Can You Give a Rabbit a Bath?


It is best not to subject a rabbit to the stress of a bath. If for example your rabbit is extremely infested with fleas, there is a perfect possibility that he is already compromised and can go into shock when bathed.
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1. Fill the bathtub with 1 inch of lukewarm water and place the rabbit in the tub. Test the water before you put him in to make sure the water is not scorching. Do not leave the rabbit
1 If your rabbit will like being in water lay a large cloth down in your sink, so that the rabbit can get traction and stand up . 2 Rinse your rabbit with warm water . 3 Next shampoo
The only reason to give a rabbit a bath is if it's messy and can't clean itself. Healthy rabbits groom themselves. Rabbits do not normally need baths. If your rabbit is messy, that
Put a couple (1-2) inches of water in the sink. Also put a towel or something in the bottom for traction. Put your rabbit in, preferably just the back feet and you can support the
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Yes you can give a rabbit a bath in Luke warm water. Rabbits usually bathe themselves but sometimes a bath is needed, especially if they tend to sit in their feces.
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