Can You Give Ham Bones to Dogs?


It depends on the size of your dogs. Big dogs cannot be fed on ham as it may not be enough to meet the daily feeding necessities.Ham bones also pose a risk of getting stuck into the dogs' esophagus. Therefore if you're to feed the dogs with ham provide a big container of water for re hydrating during the meal.
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Only feed your dog raw bones if they know how to eat bones. A dog who eats kibble should not be fed bones, unless the owner has the time to supervise the dog - sometimes it is necessary
For both vomiting and diarrhea, you can give your dog 1 tsp. of Kaopectate for every 10 lbs. of body weight. You may repeat every 4 hours as needed. Pepto Bismol is also effective
This is a subject which has always left me unsure... Loads of people say no bones should be given to dogs, some say that only raw bones are okay, and some say that all bones are okay
3 to 5 mg per pound. That would be 120mg to 200mg.
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