Can You Give Me a List of Amphibians?


Some examples of amphibians are frogs, toads, salamanders, sirens, eels and spade foots. Amphibians are cold blooded vertebrates of the class Amphibia. Most of them lay their eggs in the water and the larvae goes under metamorphosis from the juvenile form with gills to an adult breathing air with the help of the lungs.
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Class Amphibia
Amphibians include frogs, toads, salamanders and caecilians. The word means double life – many species spend part of their life in aquatic (water) and terrestrial (land) environments. More >>
Other Classes:
Amphibians are classified in three categories, 1. Order Anura - frogs and toads, 2. Order Caudata - salamanders, 3. Order Gymnophiona - caecilian.
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