Footprints Poem?


Some of the websites that you can get the words to the poem Footprints include: Wow Zone, Footprints In The Sand and Free Space. Part of the poem footprints are: 'One night I had a dream, I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord and across the sky flashed scenes from my life.'
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Footprints Poem
This popular text describes a dream, in which the person is walking on a beach with God. They leave two sets of footprints in the sand behind them. Looking back, the tracks are stated to represent various stages of this person's life... More>>
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The poem footprints can be found online on various religious websites. It has also been published in several poem books that can be purchased as it is a popular and uplifting poem.
1. Print out a poem using a dark color of ink such as navy blue or maroon. The margins must be a couple of inches wide on both sides, and the font large enough so it can be read easily
The footprints poem is also known as "Footprints in the Sand' and is one of my favorite poems. I have it hanging on my refrigerator. The author is disputed and thus it is usually
The poem Footprints In The Sand is by Ella H. Scharring-Hausen. Would you
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The footprints in the sand poem is a very popular Christian poem. It tells the story about a man who is frustrated with the Lord not being there for him and feeling ...
There are many ways to take a baby's hand prints and foot prints. They can be done by using a non-toxic paint and placing the baby's hands and feet in the paint ...
The poem 'Footprints' is also known as 'Footprints in the Sand.' The poem has been around since the 1940s and was written by Mary Stevenson. The poem is meant ...
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