Can dogs eat spare rib bones?


It is unsafe to give spare rib bones to a dog. There are serious health repercussions for allowing dogs to chew on animal bones. Regardless of whether the spare rib bones are cooked or raw, it is unwise to leave them where a dog is able to access them.

Spare rib bones and other animal bones pose a major health problem for all dogs. These items are harmful for dogs to chew, as they break and fragment in the mouth, getting caught in the gums and tongue or breaking the teeth.

There are significantly greater complications in situations where dogs swallow bones or bone fragments. These pieces run the risk of being caught in the throat, stomach or intestine and cause blockages or punctures in any of these tissues. It is painful and dangerous as well for a dog to pass bone pieces naturally so visiting the vet for surgical removal is the best scenario.

Spare rib bones are equally dangerous to dogs whether they are cooked or raw. There are limited nutritional benefits to allowing a dog to chew bones. Many veterinarians therefore recommend letting dogs chew nylon and synthetic bone toys to encourage healthy teeth and gums without the health problems often induced by real bones.

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