Can You Go Swimming after You Get Your Belly Button Pierced?


After you get your belly button pierced, you should wait at least a month before you try to go swimming in a pool, lake, or the ocean. Even after that amount of time, you should cover the belly button with a water-proof bandage. Belly button piercings can take up to one year to heal completely. Before there is complete healing, the site can get infected easily by bacteria. Unfortunately, bacteria infections often come from submersion in bodies of water.
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Don't use hot tub or swim in public pools until piercing
Piercing Although this is not a medical opinion, salt water should be okay, just keep it clean afterwards. But stay out of the pool: chlorine and healing wounds vulnerable to infection
In 2 months. I was suggested to put a think bandage on it, a waterproof one of course, if i were to go swimming before the 2 months was up.
The piercing will be sensitive to irritation and open to infection for six months or longer in most cases, depending on your health, care and the quality of the jewelry and safety
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