Can You Have a Blow off Valve without a Turbo?


You cannot use a blow off valve without a turbo because the blow off valve releases the intake pressure if the turbo is spinning so it's pointless to have a blow off valve without a turbo. The turbo substantially increases the engines' potential to make horse power by pressurizing the engine's intake air. Therefore valve installed on the intercooler piping opens when the throttle is lifted releasing excess charged air from the engine's intake system.
Q&A Related to "Can You Have a Blow off Valve without a Turbo?"
1. Park the vehicle in a location away from traffic. Open the hood of your car and locate the Turbo XS Blow Off Valve. 2. Unscrew the spring-loaded cap from the top of the BOV. 3.
You could mount it, but there is no pressure to blow off.
Its purpose is to prevent compressor surge and reduce wear on the engine. ChaCha!
there is no best BOV, though you do need one. Check where your MAF position is (The black module that goes into your intake pipe. If it's before the turbo then you should probably
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